Welcome to Transform Interactive

Interactive Digital Transformation for Business

We are a PTC partner providing workforce training and solutions for Industrial XR (AR/VR/MR), Industrial IoT, and AR field services.

Our Solutions accelerate worker productivity by digitally converging CAD data, ideas and people. We help business succeed with digital transformation strategies.

Meet Exxar! AR and VR Design Review Remote Collaboration Webinar

Using virtual or augmented reality for design reviews and product demos has been a frequent topic of conversation lately as we all reinvent how we share information. "Extended Reality" is no longer just a cute gimmick – and it's easier than ever to utilize your existing 3D engineering data. This is sophisticated technology that deserves consideration.

Some common use cases we have heard from many customers include:

  • Immersive design reviews
  • Customer collaboration
  • Training
  • Sales and marketing

Accelerating workplace learning by providing head's up interactive data to workers

Today's businesses are accelerating growth through digital transformation. Our Enterprise AR (Augmented Reality) and Industrial IoT (Internet of Things) platforms allow companies to access their data visually, interactively and instantly - accelerating communications, training, maintenance and procurement.

Build an Augmented Reality Strategy for Your Business

Free AR Training!

Knowing how to implement AR solutions successfully is a high-demand skill in the enterprise sector. But companies that are ready to invest in AR need experts who can build effective AR strategies. In this free online course, PTC President and CEO Jim Heppelmann shares decades of field research, real-world experience, and best practices on building enterprise AR strategies.

Our Solutions

Remote Training & Collaboration

Utilize the latest in digital transformation technology including AR for remote training, design review, collaboration, service and support for your customers.

Virtual Training for the Workforce

Our training solutions allow workplace employees and customers to learn in safe, interactive environments that are fully interactive, leveraging your 3D CAD data.

3D Animation & Production

We create full, animated productions that communicate how your product, process or idea works. Perfect for social media, marketing, sales and customer communication.

Marketing and Branding

Everything we do at Transform Interactive is for you, not us. Our experiences are fully branded to your company's standards. We want your application to fit your company's vision.

Who We Are

Transform Interactive is a PTC Partner and leading Digital Agency that provides interactive and trans-formative solutions for all areas of business development.

Communication is critical in today's digital landscape. We help companies communicate with their customers using their own data with interactive technologies, including AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), MR (Mixed Reality) Experiences, and 3D Product Animations using your CAD data.

We are a PTC partner offering Vuforia AR solutions for training/simulation, learning and remote servicing as well as ThingWorx solutions for industrial IoT (Internet of Things)

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XR (AR/VR/MR) interaction

Vuforia Studio

Vuforia Chalk

Vuforia Engine

PTC ThingWorx IoT

Data Integration


3D Product Animation Productions

Photo-Realistic Rendering and Motion

CAD Data Visualization

Product Communication

Corporate Messaging & Branding leveraging CAD data


Interactive Applications for Mobile, Desktop, Headset and Wearable deployments

User Interaction and Controls

CAD Data Optimization and Interaction

Modeling and Animation

User Experience Design

Custom Development and Programming